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IBM System/360 Model 75 Panel

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When the System/360 Model 75 mainframe was installed at UW in 1968, it was rumored to be the most powerful computer in the country. Another story is that the university paid for the million dollar computer using the "furnishing" budget for the new Math and Computing building. IBM introduced the System/360 in 1964 as an entire product line of compatible computers, a first for the industry. From relatively cheap, slow machines to vastly expensive and fast systems, it solidified IBM's leadership for the next few decades. This System/360 panel was located in "the Red Room", at the heart the Math and Computer building. After the mainframe was decommissioned in 1982, the main panel was used as a prop in a 1983 Canadian comedy film "Utilities", starring Robert Hays and Brooke Adams.
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