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The Complete Lemmings Manual

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Introduction to Non-Numeric Computation Notes for Mathematics 240B

Lecture Notes math 340A: Machine Data and Program Structures

Math 239B Introduction To Optimization

Notes on Graph Theory

Schaums Outline Series Theory and Problems of College Physics sixth edition

Schaums outline Series Theory and problems of Complex Variables

Schaums Outline Series Theory and Problems of Statistics

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Honeywell Remote Terminal System (GRTS)

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Honeywell Datanet 355 Macro Assembler Program

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IBM 360 Messages and Codes Binder of Manuals

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Information Representation and Manipulation in a Computer

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Starbase Technical Addendum for HP-UX 9.0 and 9.03

Hewlett Packard License Agreement

Release Notes HP-UX 9.03

Release Notes for HP-UX 9.0

digital Processor Handbook pdp11/45

File Processing with COBOL/WATBOL

Product To Fileset Document for HP-UX Application Release 02/95 HP 9000 Series 700 (HP-UX 9.X)

LaserROM HP-UX Table of Contents

Focus HP-UX

HP LaserROM Service Notes

Introduction to HP-UX Application Releases- 02/95

Intel 8272 Single/Double Density Floppy Disk Controller

Digital PDP11 Programming Card

Computer Manual's Compendium


Datapac 3000 Specification

ANN ARBOR User Guide Binder

Microcomputer Interfacing For Electronics Technicians

WY-99GT USer's Guide

WY-75 Display Terminal Quick Reference Guide

NCDware 2.4 X Server User's Manual

NCDware 2.2 X Server User's Manual

ADAM'S Companion

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Fortran 77

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ADAM Word Processing

IBDN Structured Cabling Products Order Guide

IBDN Structured Cabling system Product Information Folder

Volker-Craig VC4404 User's Manual

Lisa '02 Hacking and Securing Web-Based Applications

Lisa '02 Configuring and Administering SAMBA Servers

Lisa '02 Technical Tools for Creating Happy Users

Lisa '02 Practical Wireless IP: Concepts, Administration, and Security

Lisa 2001 T8 System and Network Performance Tuning

Lisa '98 M5 Windows NT Security

LISA ;98 T2 Advanced Topics in DNS and BIND

LISA '98 S8 Sendmail Configuration and Operation (Updated for Sendmail 8.9)

LISA '02 S11 Using SANs and NAS

LISA '02 M1 Exploring the Potential of LDAP

LISA '03 S5 Architecting a Secure Infrastructure: From Networking Through Applications

LISA '03 T3 WiFi Security: The Trials and Tribulations of Designing, Deploying, and Using WiFi Networks Securely

Computer Research in the Study of Literature

Things To Do With Your COLECO ADAM Computer

Department of Computing Services MARKEXAM manual

Department of Computer Services, Options to Replace the 360/75

University of Waterloo Department of Computing Services Xedit User's Guide

Department of Computing Services SCRIPT Reference Manual

Department of Computing Services Script User's Guide

Department of Computing Services GML User's Guide

Enterprise Systems Architecture/390 Reference Summary

Elements of Trigonometry and Statistics

IBM Cooperative Projects NetNorth 87 Binder

Instruction book for Hemmi slide rule

TeX LaTeX Binder

Secretary's Manual University of Waterloo RT-11 Software Support Manual

Secretary's Manual University of Waterloo Update Notice #1 Focal-11 User's Manual

Might and Magic Book One Secret of the Inner Sanctum Manual

ALSoft DiskExpress II Manual

VIP7200 Video Display Product Manual

User Contributed Software Supplemental Manual

Instruction Manual

Instruction manual

Nevermind instruction manual

Clever & Smart instruction manual

Operating Manual for 600T1620 (MOD IV) Electrometer

Operating Manual for 600T1620 (MOD IV) Electrometer

SuperSpool User's Manual

Falcon MC Macintosh Flight Manual

The C Programming Language Consultant Copy

Common LISPcraft Consultant's Copy

A Document Preperation System - LATEX User's Guide & Reference Manual

A Documentation Preparation System - LATEX User's Guide and Reference Manual Second Edition

The TEXbook

WATCOM Pascal Primer and Reference

WATCOM BASIC: A Structured Programming Approach Primer and Reference

WATCOM Editor User's Guide: IBM Personal Computer with Waterloo Port

WATCOM Pascal User's Guide: IBM Personal Computer with Waterloo Port

WATCOM BASIC User's Guide: IBM Personal Computer with Waterloo Port

University of Waterloo Computer Communications Network Group PAL-11R Manual

Product to Fileset Dcoument for HP-UX Application Release 09/94

Introduction to HP-UX Application Releases - 11/94

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PAL-11R Assembler Programmer’s Manual

PDP-11 Disk Operating System (DOS) Monitor Programmer’s Handbook



Eric G. Manning, PDP-11 Program FILD2B, Department of Applied Analysis and Computer Science Technical Report CSTR No. 1014, May 1972.

Correspondence relating to PDP-11 computers at the University of Waterloo, c. 1974

MMS1118: 16K x 18 PDP-11 Add-In Semiconductor Memory Manual

PDP-11 Disk Operating System Monitor Programmer’s Handbook

PDP-11 UNIBUS Interface Manual, 2nd edition


KAYPRO WordStar Training Guide

Introduction to ALGOL W Programming

EE499 Project Magnetic Core Memory Unity

The Carl Helmers Personal Computer Letter package

Real-Time, Multiple-Task Operating System

Ohio Scientific Small Systems Journal, September 1977

User’s Reference Manual Commodore BASIC Version 4.0

Commodore Business Computer User’s Guide Series 8000

Ohio Scientific poster, 1977

Ohio Scientific poster, 1977

6809 Debug Package

The Small Computer Magazine: Kilobaud, December 1978

Superplot User’s Guide

"Using the I.P. Sharp System"



"Ohio Scientific advances the state-of-the-art of small computers"

User’s Reference Manual: Commodore BASIC Version 4.0

SHARP APL Message Processing Facility (Mailbox)

SUPERPLOT User’s Guide

TEXTEDIT Users’ Manual

MCS6500 Microcomputer Family Hardware Manual, Second Edition, Revision A

Hardware Maintenance Service for PS/1 Computer Manual

IBM Service Training Manual

IBM Personal Computer Hardware Reference Library Guide to Operations

IBM PC Network Hardware Maintenance and Service

IBM Operating System/2 Standard Edition Version 1.2 OS/2 Programming Family

IBM Operating System/2 Standard Edition Programming Family

Waterloo Microsystems Network operating system user manual, for Waterloo port

Intel MCS (R) -80/85 Family User's Manual

Intel (R) IAPX 88 Book

Waterloo PORT Internet Mail User's Guide P/N 3401

Waterloo PORT Internet Mail User's Guide P/N 3400

Waterloo PORT (R) Internet Mail

Waterloo PORT (TM) Remote Workstation Installation and User's Guide Version 2.41

Waterloo Microsystems PORT RW Quick Reference Card

IBM System/370 Principles of Operation

Digital pdp11 handbook

IBM Field Engineering Handbook System/360 operating system

IBM Field Engineering Handbook OS/VS1 System Data Areas

Commodore Programmers Reference Guide

Commodore 64C Personal Computer User's Guide

Commodore 128 Personal computer Introductory Guide

Commodore 128 Personal computer System Guide

Pascal User Manual

Commodore 64 (TM) Assembly Language Programming

Commodore Peripherals User's Guide

VIC-1541 Single drive floppy disk users manual

The dam busters video game manual

Micro W Suggestions from owners

Calc result software handbook

Accounts Receivable/Billing Commodore Computer handbook

C16 Basic Command Guide

Xetec SuperGraphix jr. owner's manual

VIC 1525 Graphic printer user's manual

Xetec Super graphix jr instruction manual

1902 Color monitor users guide

Commodore MPS-802 dot matrix printer

Super expander 64

Commodore 64C Personal computer system guide

Commodore 1571 Disk Drive user's guide

Commodore 128 Personal Computer Introductory Guide

Commodore 1802 Color Monitor user's guide

Personal Computing on the VIC - 20

Commodore 128 Personal Computer Programmer's Reference Guide

Compute!'s 128 Programer's Guide

Easy Script Comprehensive word processing

Logo A language for learning

Compute!'s machine language routines for the commodore 64

Commodore (R) Modem 1200 Users manual

NX-1000C Multi-Font Printer Users manual

Commodore DPS-1101 Daisy Wheel Printer User's Guide

Commodore VIC-20 Computer Educator: Math Book I

Department of Computer Services University of Waterloo VM/CMS: Getting Started

Waterloo Word Processor User's Guide for the IBM PC

Janet User's Guide

Introduction to UNIX

Xedit User's Guide

Department of Computer Services University of Waterloo GML User's Guide

Department of Computer Services University of Waterloo Script User's Guide

Honeywell Operator's manual